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I’m Alex, a journalist and audio producer based in the UK. My most recent project is Black Box, a documentary series for The Guardian about artificial intelligence. Currently, I’m producing and reporting an investigative series for Canadaland.

I’m also a producer at Today in Focus, The Guardian’s award-winning flagship podcast, where my work was included in the show’s gold winning entry in the 2023 British Podcast Awards.

My work has aired on the likes of Radiolab, 99% Invisible, NPR, The World, Kitchen Sisters Present and TED’s Far Flung.

I was a founding producer at Kerning Cultures, a narrative podcast that we took from a small passion project to one of the most respected English-language podcasts in the Middle East, with hundreds of thousands of downloads and multiple awards and accolades. The Guardian described the show as “a This American Life for the Middle East”, and even Sarah Jessica Parker was a fan.

This is my audio portfolio. If you’re looking for my photography, I’ve made a new website for that! Here’s the link: alexatackphoto.com

Pictures by Martha Schlee